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Private Training

General Training

Do you want your dog to have good manners?  This service is for general training for the dog and the family.  General training includes cues such as sit, stay, recall, release, lie down, etc.  Sessions are generally 1 hr in length and can be tailored to meet your individual training needs.  Packages are available at discounted prices but must be paid and scheduled in advance.

Behavior Problems

Is your dog misbehaving or is your dog having a specific "issues"?  You may want to choose this service to deal with a specific behavior problem or "issue".  After evaluating the situation, we will develop a behavioral modification program to meet your dog's needs.  We will assess the situation and come up with a behavior and/or management plan that you can implement in your home.  Depending on the severity of the behavior and the commitment of the family, ongoing sessions may be necessary.

The following are examples of items that would fall under this category:

Fear of Children

Urine Marking

Thunderstorm or Fireworks issues


Fear of Other Dogs

Leash Reactivity

Resource (Food, toys, space) Guarding

Isolation Distress/ Separation Issues


Confinement Issues

Reducing General Anxiety

Chasing of cars, bikes, etc

Please be aware that behavior modification can be a long process.  There are rarely any quick fixes.  You have to be committed to working on regular training exercises.   We will work with you to design a program based on your ability to work with your dog but it may take weeks or months to see the change that you want though you will see improvement along the way.  Anyone who makes guarantees or tells you that they can "fix" your dog is not being honest or does not understand the process.

 Before Baby In-Home Consults

Before you baby arrives, contact us before your due date (at the end of your second trimester is best) and set up an in-home consult.  This two hour consult will help you prepare for you for life with dog and baby teaching you exercises you can do to prepare your dog, how and when to introduce them to each other and much more!  Consults are complimented with Dog & Storks information from Family Paws Parent Education (an international parent support program).

 After Baby In-Home Consults

Your job preparing your dog isn't done yet.  Every time your baby goes through a developmental milestone, your dog will have to adjust.  Let us help you prepare and cope with the adjust with an After Baby In-Home Consult.  This two hour consult will help teach you how to properly manage your dog and baby, how to include your dog in some activities safely, how to identify areas in the home that could be troublesome and much more.  Consults are complimented with Dog & Baby Connection information from Family Paws Parent Education.  

If you have any questions, please email us or use our contact form.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Scheduling Your First Session

Schedule by phone or email-   You can schedule by phone or email.  You will be required to pay a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to save your day and time.  This will be paid via a PayPal invoice sent via email after an agreed upon day and time is chosen.  Initial appointments are generally 2 hours in length.   The total cost for the first appointment is $175.00.  We will go over your dog's behavior history, your training/ behavior modification goals and start with foundation work until your next appointment.  We will get right to work in our first session.  Most issues require more than one visit- however if you have only one training need, we may be able to help you with just one visit.  We can also do extended visits for those further away. Please note that email is our preferred method of contact.  Phone calls are generally returned on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and some weekends.

***Please note that there is a small mileage fee for those appointments outside of a 15 mile radius of Dallas. The mileage fee is as follows:

For every mile outside of the 15 mile radius, there is a fee of $1.00 per mile per visit. For example, if you live 25 miles away, there will be an extra fee of $10.00 per visit.

If you would like to schedule training or learn more about our services, you can email the trainer by clicking here or filling out our contact form to your right.