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Learn More About Positive Dog Friendly Training

How to Choose a Trainer

How to Choose A Dog Trainer by Association of Pet Dog Trainers

How to choose a trainer by American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

Guidelines for Choosing a Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant by Dan Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.

When Choosing a Dog Trainer, Buyer Beware by Leah Roberts

What should you look for when hiring a dog trainer? by Kate Sensi

How do I find a suitable dog training course? (UK)


About Clicker (Marker) Training

What is Clicker Training by the ASPCA

What is Clicker Training by Karen Pryor

Clicker Mad by Amy Sutherland via The Bark Magazine

FAQ about Clicker Training from Clicker Solutions

Clicker Training for Competition by Proof Positive

Why we should be using Positive Reinforcement to Train Our Dog

The Neurobiology of the Clicker- Karen Pryor


General Positive Training Information

Trust Accounts by Behavior Works

Dog Behavior: Can you Reinforce Fear?

Lunch Free at Stockdog Trial- Jean Donaldson

What makes your dog work for you?

Myths of Positive Training- You-Tube Video

Myth: Tough Dogs Need Tough Training

 About Progressive Reinforcement Training

Food Critics by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Why do trainers use food when training? by APDT

Using Food in Dog Training.  How to do it correctly. by Dog Spelled Forward

Stop Focusing on What you Don't Want and Train What you do. by Eric Brad via Pet Professional Guild

How to Train a Dog with Food Rewards by Jolanta Benal

Common Myths about Clicker Training and Positive Reinforcement Training by r+ dog training

New to Positive Dog Training? by Pat Miller-  The Whole Dog Journal

How To Read Your Dog's Body Language By Stanley Coren- Modern Dog Magazine

Take Dog Training One Step at A Time by Patricia McConnell, PhD- The Bark Magazine

Dog Training: Cues, Commands, Obedience and Punishment with Kelly Gorman Dunbar and Roger Abrantes

About Rewards Affect Monkeys and Humans by Dr. Robert Soplsky.......Yes this applies to dogs too (and other animals for that matter)

Proof Positive Films- A collection of videos and articles about positive training!

Dog Training Methods: Their use, effectiveness and interaction with behavior and welfare.  This study shows a correlation of
less behavior problems for 

dogs that were trained using positive methods. 

Positively Trained Gun Dogs by Fetch Masters

Do Dogs Learn Faster for Food Than Other Types of Rewards by Stanely Cohn, PhD.

Shot Gun Life- Expert Dog Trainer Robert Milner Says Heck No To Shock Collars (This article is actually about his transformation from compulsion training to positive training!)

Patricia McConnell about Positive Dog Training


Clicker Training is Universal
See how clicker training can be used with all animals, big and small

Billie's Last Chain- Elephant

Clicker Training Goat

Clicker Training Hyenas at a Zoo

Building Trust With Your Bird

An abused Mule Responds to Clicker Training

Clicker Training Fish- Karen Pryor

Panda:  Clicker Trained Assistance Horse

Dolphin Training Session

Clicker Training of Gibbon for Blood Tests

A Cow learns to Target

Hyena Clicker Training

Clicker Training Bears

Clicker Training Horses


Here are some quizzes we have created to help you on your training journey

Are you making your dog nervous?

Should you take private or group classes?