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Learn More About Why You Should Avoid Harsh Aversives in Dog Training

Shock Collars

Electric Collars-  No Thanks by Positive Police Dogs

The end of shock collars? by Companion Animal Psychology

Do shock collars hurt?  It's the amps not the volts. 

Training dogs with the help of a shock collar: short and long term behavioral effects.  AVSAB Blog

Underground containment by Grisha Stewart

Vets on Behavior Proclaim, Never Use a Shock Collar by Steve Dale  

Are shock collars painful or just annoying to dogs?  A 2004 Study Revels some answers. 
 Dr. Sophia Yin’s Blog post dated January 24, 2011. 

The Problem with Shock.  Dog Sport Magazine.  August 18, 2009

Shock Collar, the Dangers of Illusion, Pinch (prong), Choke and Shock collars

Shock Collars.  Say No.  Holly’s Den.

Shock Collars Banned In Wales

The effects of shock collars.  The Daily Puppy.

Shock Collars.  The Shocking Truth.  The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

The Canine Shock Collar Debate by Pat Miller via Whole Dog Journal

Why Electric Shock is Not Behavior Modification by Dr. Karen Overall

The Problem with Shock by  Angelica Steinker, M. E.d, PDBC, CDBC, NAODI, Endorsed CAP 1

When Good Intentions Breed Animal Suffering:The Cruel Truth of Electronic Shock Collars
by Friends of Animals 

On Shocking Our Dogs by Trish King

Shock Experiment Nr. 1


Dominance In Dog Training

Confrontational Techniques Elicit Aggression

Leader of the Pack

What's Wrong With the Dominance Theory by James O'Heare

American Association of Veterinary Behaviorists Position Statement on Dominance

Dominance and Dog Training the APDT Position Statement

Experts say Dominance-Based Dog Training Techniques Made Popular by TV Can
Contribute to Bites.  Dr. Sophia Yin

The Dominance Controversy Dr. Sophia Yin

Let's Just Be Humans Training Dogs Dr. Ian Dunbar

Using Dominance to Explain Behavior is Old Hat.  Science Daily

"Pack Leader" Myths by Dan Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.

Pack of Lies by Mark Derr

The Dominance Myth Interview with Adam Mikloski, Pd.D.

Why veterinary behaviorists can't stand Cesar Millan by Dr. Khuly

Dog Training and the Myth of Alpha-Male Dominance by Science Time

The Myth of Alpha Dogs by Life As A Human

Don't Try This At Home by Dr. Karen B. London, PhD. via The Bark

The Frightening Truth about Canine Aggression by Micheal Baugh via My Fox Houston

Comments on "Alpha" Dominance Theory by Pat Miller

Hey, Old School Dominance Theory:  School's Out by Nicole Wilde 


Punishment in Dog Training (collars and other equipment)

Sever brain damage after punitive training technique with a choke chain collar in a a German shepherd dog

Pinch Me A.K.A. Prong Me

American Association of Veterinary Behaviorists Position Statement on Punishment.

Humane Hierarchy Position Statement CCPDT

Survey of the Use and Outcomes of confrontational and non-confrontational training methods in client-owned dogs showing undesired traits.  Study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science.

Invisible Containment + Dog Door= Bad Idea

Cryptozoology 101-  The Hunt for the Elusive Prong Loving Dog by Casey Lomonaco

Dog Training Prong Collar

The use of Electric Shock Collars vs. Other Training Methods: Efficacy,
Stress and Welfare  By: Kristy Englert

Click or Jerk?  Let the dogs decide by Pat Miller

Reasons not to use choke, prong or shock collars in training.  Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue

If You're Aggressive, Your Dog Will Be Too by Science Daily

Teaching and training dogs: Why the public is stuck on old science by Elizabeth Weiss

Low Risk Vs High Risk Dog Training by John Visconti

When Punishment Goes Wrong by Casey Lomonaco

Why Punishment Based Dog Training Doesn't Work- Whole Dog Journal

Are Prong Collars Safe...Fact or Fiction by The Seattle Times

Trainers With Jackhammers Need Not Apply by Dr. Susan Friedman

Dog Whisper or Old Yeller by Ilana R. Reisner, DVM, PhD

How Does a Choke Chain Work?  You Tube Video

I Had To.... Blog Post by Suzanne Clothier

Growling is Good by The Magazine Paw Prints

Is Punishment an Effective Way To Change Behavior In Dogs? Stanely Coren, PhD.

A Dog's Point of View- Types of Collars

If you were considering using any of the above equipment or methods, please reconsider.  You may do damage to your dog that can be difficult to undo.  See the Humane Hierarchy Position Statement from CCPDT that explains what methods you should use first or contact us to set up an appointment