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Crestwood Adult Continuing Education

Our certified trainer and behavior consultant will be instructing the following education classes through CACE (Crestwood Adult Continuing Education):

Speaking Canine: Learning Dog Body Language
Beth Mattei-Miller, Licensed Family Paws Presenter, CGC Evaluator, CLASSEvaluator
Tuesday March 15th at 5:30pm to 7:30pm (Room 4)

  It's not about dominance and submission. Your dog is communicating with you all the time but are you listening? Do you really when your dog is afraid or nervous? Do you know when your dog has had enough? When you can pick up on your dog signaling, you can avoid dog bites, improve your training, and help a dog with issues more effectively. This class will show you how to read your dog for appropriate signals, both in dog to dog play and in everyday effectiveness.

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