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Group Classes

Group classes are held in outdoor locations in upper Luzerne and lower Lackawanna counties.  In our group manners classes, you must have a minimum of one private lesson to participate in the group class.

Specialized group classes focusing on a specific skill may have other pre-requisites. 

**Please register via email for classes**


Out Door Social Skills Class for Dogs
This class strengthens basic management skills in multiple locations.  It’s focus is in strengthening the behaviors already learned and teaching the dogs to generalize the behaviors taught.  If you have a puppy, this class is appropriate with a private session to get you started on the basics.  We will tour the Luzerne/Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties to have class in a rural and down town areas.
This class is only for clients who have worked successfully at home with:
Sit, Hand Targeting and Name----and you have started loose leash walking.  We will likely be going over these skills again so if you have started them but they aren’t strong enough, that’s okay.  We will also be working on settle on a mat.
No dogs with reactivity issues to people and other dogs please.  No retractable leashes, prong collars, choke chains or electronic collars are allowed.  We highly recommend a body harness for all clients.  If you aren’t sure if your dog is ready for this step, email us at to find out.

Class Dates and Times:
May 29th- McDade Park -4pm
June 5th- Lazybrook Park Tunkhannock- 4pm
June 12th- Pittston City- Downtown/ Park- 4pm
June 19th- Downtown Scranton- 4pm
September 11th- McDade Park-4pm
September 18th- Lazybrook Park- 4pm
September 25th- Pittston City- Downtown/ Park- 4pm
October 2nd- Downtown Scranton- 4pm
Cost is $60.00 for the four sessions.  

Recall Class
This is open enrollment and available to anyone.  There are no pre-requisites for this class.  This class only teaches a recall.  You will teach your dog two way to come when called- an everyday recall and an emergency recall.  Please, no reactive or aggressive dogs.
Equipment Needed-  15ft or longer long line/ lunge line.  No retractable leashes, prong collars, choke chains or electronic collars are allowed.  We highly recommend a body harness for all clients.  This class requires a body harness that attaches to the back.

Class dates and times:
May 22nd- 10am
May 29th- 10am
June 5th- 10am
June 21st- 10am

All of these classes will be held at Lazybrook Park.  Please email us to enroll.

If the class is cancelled due to weather, we will offer a makeup.  We do our best to assure that all parties can attend the scheduled make-up class but make-ups are a majority rule situation.  It’s not personal.  The downsides of group class environments are the whole of the group is our primary consideration.  If you would like more individualized arrangements, our private sessions will cater to you and your unique needs.  If you cannot attend a make-up, you do not get a credit towards any other classes for the time missed.  There are no refunds for any classes.  Payment is due on first day of class.


See photos below from previous group classes. Photos by Pati Bobeck -