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Have a dog training question?
Housetraining question?
Are you having an issue with your dog but you aren't sure if it warrants a full visit?
Are you trying to train your dog at home but you just aren't sure if you are doing it right?
You are not sure you actually want to commit to a series of sessions or classes but you want to see what a person experienced in the behavior and training of dogs may like to offer?
Set up a phone consult today!
The cost for the telephone consult is $30.00 for a 45 minute consult. 
After payment, we will contact you to set up a date and time for the telephone consult.
Payment must be received at least 1 hr before the scheduled consult. 
This service is not for aggression issues.  A full behavior history and a visit is necessary to fully understand aggression issues and develop a behavior modification strategy.
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